We take pride in cultivating a positive and dynamic atmosphere.  Our eclectic group of experienced engineers, musicians, producers, and composers are dedicated to helping you achieve your dream.

Our team of excellent musicians and technicians will help you every step of the way to hone and mold your craft and make sure your work, as you feel it, is what is broadcasted to the world.



InHouse Studios is an audio recording studio in Rhode Island. We offer two conveniently located service locations. Our Cranston location houses the recording of all live sound, including mic’d instruments. Our Providence location houses mixing, mastering, and production and recording of vocals in a professional booth (currently under construction). Clients will enjoy comfortable atmospheres, positive vibes, free musical and creative counseling, access to studio musicians and gear, and a room full of video games. We offer an ever-growing list of services that range from music lessons to live sound and dj’ing.  When available, we also offer Free Playboy Energy drinks for all paying clients.   



our services include But are Not Limited To: Highest Quality Digital Audio and Live Sound Recordings, Original Background Music, Full Songs, Beats, Scores, Mixing, Mastering, Sound Effects, Voices, and Anything Else for All Visual Projects (Including Video Games), Lessons for Guitar, Drums, Piano, and Sight-Reading Music, Free Musical and Creative Counseling During Sessions (If Desired), Studio Musicians, Engineering, Producing, DJing, Live Sound, Live Music, Backing Band, Jingles, and Anything Else Your Ear Needs!  Just ask! Email us atInHouseStudiosRI@gmail.com and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours!