With a well-balanced mix of soulful sounds and lyrical wizardry, Y.B.S delivers concepts that we can all relate to. The latest release from this Rhode Island hip-hop duo is an EP entitled, “Carmen,” which is a collaborative EP created and written by Y.B.S. and R&B/Soul artist, Phreddy J.B. Carmen represents any female in your life that you love, lust, or admire. In five tracks, Y.B.S. explains the story of meeting a woman, to having her as your “ride to die”, being tempted by other women, and losing her because of that. In that order, they take the audience into an adventure of thought provoking lyrics and memorable melodies, leaving people wanting more. Both members of Y.B.S. bring their own flavor. Young Bagz’s being the cool, calm, and collected artist that delivers the wittiest stanzas that makes the listeners want to rewind the songs over. Meanwhile, Young Scholar is the unpredictable, yet direct one that mesmerizes the audience with his elegant flow on a beat. They balance each other out and their fans get the best of both worlds.


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